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Workshops for women

Workshops for Women

Our women personal development courses support, encourage and empower women through building self-awareness, self-management and self-care.

You will gain awareness and personal insights to support, empower and encourage you to transform you life for the better.

Are you ready to be uplifted and inspired?

“When I unveiled my true SELF, the fog lifted revealing my path to fulfillment.”

Lynda Galway

What workshops for women are available?

Explore who you really are in a supportive and fun environment. Gain greater self-awareness and unlock your hidden passions and life purpose. Learn more …

Challenge the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life. Develop self-management strategies to change your life for the better. Learn more …

Create the life you have always wanted. Discover how self-care, self-love and visioning can build greater happiness and empowerment. Learn more …

Who leads the workshops?

Lynda Galway, Life purpose consultant

I’m Lynda Galway, your workshop facilitator

And I’m passionate about psychology, life coaching, numerology, archetypes, spiritual psychology, positive psychology, humanity and women.

During my life I have experienced many challenges, failures and successes in relationships, career and health which led to my personal growth and transformation.

I’ve journeyed from the wounded child to the maiden, mother and now grandmother.

One thing always remained constant, a desire to learn and understand myself and others, and a passion to live life positively. I am the contemplative truth seeker and a compassionate humanitarian.

Always hungry for deeper understanding and knowledge, I have experienced multiple religions, studied multiple disciplines and explored alternative practices. All to learn the truth about life.

My journey has included many roads from teacher to seminar presenter, bookkeeper to business consultant, syllabus writer to web designer, volunteer support worker to life purpose consultant.

In everything I do, there is always a drive to inspire, uplift and help others be their best. When we learn from each other, we transform and grow together.

I’m still on my journey, we all are. I am devoted to a life of integrity and a desire to share my learning and experiences to help women live more fulfilling lives.

Learn more about me and Sisterhood of Roses.

What are the benefits of our workshops for women?

Courses in personal development and growth

Build your soft skills and emotional intelligence

Shine your light

Owning what’s holding you back, you can change your beliefs, and use self-care to regain your power. Allowing you to make the changes required for greater self-management and to move towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

Discover your purpose

Explore your life’s journey and discover why you are really here. Piece together the bread crumb trail to unlock your life’s blueprint. Discover the real you and how to live a more fulfilling life.

Build self-respect

Through self-care learn the power of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and others. Through healthy boundaries and effective communication gain greater self-respect. Which will open the door to better relationships in all areas of your life.

Trust and openness

Our women courses help you connect with other women in a confidential and safe environment. With trust and openness we blossom together.

Share experiences

You are not alone. Women experience similar trials and tribulations during their lifetime. Our stories give meaning to the struggles in life. With support and encouragement we can thrive.

Celebrate womanhood

From the child to the maiden, mother and crone. We celebrate the journey of women and our femininity through self-awareness, self-management and self-care.

Value ritual

Life is messy, chaotic and unpredictable, it is our rituals and connection with each other that provide the stamina to ride the waves of life.

Find you

Peel back the layers that cover the true beautiful you. Through self-awareness discover your true self, inner self, the diamond that you were born to be.

Grow and blossom

Grow from new ideas, concepts and philosophies based on various disciplines to challenge your old ways of thinking, doing and being. Change your mind, change your life.

What can you expect at our workshops for women?

Are you ready to be fully engaged in your personal development?

Story telling


Creative activities

Movement activities

Take home workbook

Group activities

Sharing in pairs

Facilitated learning

Relaxing environment

Other surprises

Reflection activities

Mindful activities

Fun activities

New insights

Delicious food

Our workshops for women are engaging and inspiring. Expect to experience a variety of activities, individually, in pairs and whole group. All workshops have maximum attendance to ensure an intimate small group environment.

Lynda has over 25 years experience in presenting while employed as a teacher, consultant trainer, workshop facilitator and seminar presenter.

All participants also receive ongoing support and encouragement through:

Membership to our workshop participants Facebook group

Follow-up communication from Lynda

Discounts to future workshops or events.

Who are our workshops for?

Women only participants (over 18)

You’re tired of being stuck and want to move forward with focus and direction

Open to new ideas and alternative ways of thinking, you are seeking more awareness of self

You’re ready to challenge your thinking, beliefs and actions to transform your life for the better

Looking for female connection, you want to do something fun and different for yourself

What our women’s workshops are not?

A head’s up on what not to expect!

Private coaching session

Book a life purpose consultation with Lynda Galway if that’s what you want. Learn more about life purpose consultation.

Suitable for people dealing with addiction, anger or depression

If you are currently experiencing addiction, depression or ongoing anger in your life our workshops may not be appropriate for you at this time. Please seek professional assistance.

A place to heal from recent painful or traumatic experiences

The sharing and reflection activities in our workshops may be too painful for you at this time. Please give yourself time to heal. You may seek alternative therapy, see our professional women partners directory.

Passive engagement

Our women’s workshops encourage active participation, building trust and respect. This means you will need to be comfortable with genuinely participating in activities.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

Henri Bergson

Workshops for women – 2021 Schedule

Weekday events

One day event, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Includes morning tea, drinks and lunch.

Finding Self Workshop

Caboolture, Friday, 7 May 2021.

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Transforming Self Workshop

Caboolture, Saturday, 17 July 2021.

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Being Self Workshop

Caboolture, Thursday, 22 July 2021.

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Evening events

One evening for six weeks, 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

Includes drinks and light supper.

Finding Self Workshop

Caboolture, every Monday evening,
10 May to 14 June.

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Transforming Self Workshop

Caboolture, every Monday evening,
26 July to 30 August.

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Online events

Currently not available.