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What I wish I knew when I was 25

What I wish I knew when I was 25

What I wish I knew when I was 25…

25. One-quarter of a century. It’s a funny age – far enough away from our teenage years to know better, yet not far along enough to have it all together. We’re still young, but our decisions matter. Many of the big choices we make in our mid-20s – our partner, our career, our goals – will have lasting impacts.

Mistakes will no doubt be made, and there will be many lessons to be learned first-hand. And while 25-year-olds may be reluctant to listen to those older and inevitably wiser, other women can offer a wealth of information if we just reach out and ask.

So, I took to the Sisterhood of Roses Facebook Group and asked our lovely members this: What do you wish you knew when you were 25? What would you tell your 25-year-old self?

Here are some of the answers.

Life lessons for a 25-year-old

“Learn to say no gracefully. As woman I think we are taught to put our needs last. Which really says “you are more important than me!” And that’s not true. We must balance our needs with the ones we love and others who demand our time and energy. In the long run we and those we love are better off because when we take care of our needs we can better take care of the needs of others.” – Lynda


“I would definitely look at values and really live by them. If you’re true to your values, life seems to be more of a gift.” – Carmel


“My biggest and most recent life lesson… Never assume that the life you have now is your life forever.” – Corry


“Trust your gut; not just your heart and head.” – Desiree


“If I was 25 again I would ensure I had a plan for my entire life and I would make it happen.” – Yvonne


“If I were 25 I’d tell myself to stress less and make more time for fun and rest.” – Gail


“Start making extra contributions to your superannuation early in your working life. Prioritise family time over work.” – Amanda


“Focus on less materialistic things and more about the people you have in your life.” – Jo


“Relationship satisfaction is an “add on”. It’s not intrinsic to your worth or your happiness in life. If you find a wonderful partner to share your life with, that’s great. But you are not diminished or rendered second rate (nor doomed to be unfulfilled) if that special person doesn’t come along.” – Natalie

Trust yourself

trust yourself

Self-care, valuing and trusting the self, was one theme that came up again and again. Learning to say no, to listen to our instincts, to decide what we want and go after it, all while remembering what’s truly important. A poignant message not just for us 25-year-olds, but for women of all ages and from all walks of life.

And for that, a huge thank you to the wonderful women that make up the supportive Sisterhood of Roses Facebook. All women are invited to join.

What would you tell your 25-year-old self?

Life is full of lessons – most of which are learnt the hard way. What have you learnt along the way? What would you tell your 25-year-old self?

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