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The story of Sisterhood of Roses

The story of Sisterhood of Roses

The story of Sisterhood of Roses

Supporting, empowering and encouraging women

The story of Sisterhood of Roses started on a Friday afternoon in June 2017 at the Regatta Hotel on Coronation Drive, Toowong, Brisbane. Here, I decided I wanted to change my life. It was time to go in a new direction. I had no idea my adventure would end up at Sisterhood of Roses and I would be coaching , supporting, empowering and encouraging women to live their best lives.

Escaping my prison

My job was my prison. I had let it take over my whole life. Of course, this meant my sympathetic nervous system was constantly in stress mode. A trip to the hospital with a suspected heart attack was fair warning only months earlier!

Everyday was becoming a battle and I felt a bit like a puppet on a string. In other words, I had no control over my existence!

So that Friday afternoon at the Regatta, I made the decision to leave my job and go searching for a new life.

The smile on my face was priceless. I felt like I had put me first for the first time in a long time. However, eventually it would come clear, that it wasn’t the workplaces fault entirely. I have to accept some responsibility for taking on too much work for one person to handle. I literally had overloaded myself with projects because I wanted to please my supervisors, instead of looking after me. At the end of the day, if we don’t stand up for us, people will take advantage of us. A good lesson learned!

Taking the easy road

I was happy to support my children and husband to achieve their dreams. At this stage it hadn’t occurred to me I still didn’t have ownership of my life. I just transferred control of my life from a corporate Government office to my family. I was a people pleaser! Something I would later work through.

Now my job was to help my son achieve his sporting ambitions, my daughter achieve her study ambitions and my husband achieve his online business ambitions.

As for me, at this stage I didn’t care, I was happy to sacrifice myself for my family. Oh, was I fooling myself!

Fools journey

During this process I did get hoodwinked a few times. Two different programmers literally ripped my husband and I off. The good news is after total despair, I realised I had to go back to study computer programming so I could build the websites my husband wanted.

I’m good at technology and Coursera had endless University programming courses for me to take, supported by the practical intuition of Udemy courses delivered by practicing industry experts. I had everything I needed.

And with lots of trial and error, I got the website up he wanted. Then another, and another and another. At this point I had had enough. Why was I doing this? What was I really doing with my life?

Giving to others – a new direction

Giving to others, volunteering has always been a part of my life, whether it was organising charitable events as a teacher, working with Salvation Army, running Sunday school for a spat or working at not-for-profits helping people experiencing long-term unemployment to re-enter the workforce.

So feeling pretty empty, I decided to volunteer with Orange Sky. I had heard about them while attending a seminar before I left work. Sure enough I was assigned to  the Caboolture team and soon I was team leader.

Wow, I started to feel better inside, I was happier and more empowered. This decision was for me and I felt good. Generally I think people would say I am a positive person (I try). However, after a three hour shift my energy was totally drained.

So for the first time I think in my life, I started looking after me more. I prioritised my self-care. I joined Buddha meditation, started yoga, and now qigong. Nature walks became important as did quiet time to reflect.

Time to heal

Feeling like I was only providing a bandaid-service to the clients I was servicing through Orange Sky (by the way they do an awesome job) it was time to get back to me again.

It was time to heal everything, so the journey started. I took time off to reflect, rewrite and redefine who I was and what I wanted. My journey involved self-awareness, self-care and self-management.

I did this first by reading every psychology and self-help book I could find (that was reputable) to completing a life coach course. I learned to put up better boundaries, to release the past, to change my communication style, to love unconditionally, to let go of the need to control the lives of others or mine, to give and to receive.

It was a total rewrite, or was it just I removed the onion layers and finally got in touch with the soulful me. Anyway, it has been a ride and I love it.

books that change your life

Trying again

It was time to rejoin the world and try again. This time I wanted to make decisions that came from my heart (and were somewhat logical), but I felt it was time to trust and go with the flow. Which I did.

I ended up designing and running my own workshops for women. Wow the feedback was great and I realised I had something (self-worth and confidence booster!).

Due to Covid-19 it was difficult to continue with the workshops, but I instead contacted Caboolture Community Action (CCA) and started volunteering with them. Here I would get to support men and women experiencing difficult life circumstances. Eventually I was able to organise a women’s group, the Kookaburra’s Women Healing Circle providing life coaching to these women every Wednesday afternoon at CCA.

I have lots of more plans, and slowly I am developing these ideas and adding them to my services.

Make a booking for a coaching session or contact me to discuss organising a workshop for women in your organisation or community.

Finding my way

Life is a journey, we are all going our own way, and we can choose to live it negatively or positively. We can value every experience and see it as a lesson or be wounded and stuck. I found my way through the hurdles to move forward and find my way.

So now I am studying what I love, Psychology. I started Sisterhood of Roses to be the platform for providing coaching and workshop services to women.

Sisterhood of Roses will be like me, forever evolving and growing and it will run its own race, slow and steady, because now I understand everything is a process.

My life is mine and yours is yours. I hope I can inspire women to take control of their lives through making the decision to own it (the good, bad and ugly), it doesn’t matter because it all helps us to be where we are right now.

I’m setting goals, planning my intentions and taking the steps to keep making my life more fulfilling. At my heart I am compassionate and I want to help others and that is what I am doing. So the story of Sisterhood of roses is my gift to women who want to grow their lives, who want to find themselves.

Why Sisterhood of Roses

During my journey, it has been the sisters, women in my life who have contributed to my journey. Either they have triggered me to change or they have supported me through the process.

Regardless I have a strong desire to help women. Sisterhood is reinforcing how important it is that women support women in their journey. We need each other because women understand women.

The rose is my favourite flower. My mum always tells the story of me as a two year old running up people’s driveways to smell the roses. Also roses are considered sacred. I like that.

So that’s why Sisterhood of Roses. We are sacred and we are sisters. Together we can build our best lives.

Sisterhood partners

If you are a women coach, healer, therapist or you provide support services for women, please contact me about joining the sisterhood partner program.

With all my heart I wish all women a purposeful life. I have discovered that with self-awareness, self-care and self-management it is possible to change your life for the better.

I hope you enjoyed the story of Sisterhood of Roses, which is really a snapshot of my life and my journey.