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Support Subscription

  • Subscription Expiry : Never Expire
  • Regular Listing : 1
  • Listing Expiry : Never Expire
  • Video Listing : No
  • Website Link : Yes
  • No of Images : 5
  • Price Range : Yes
  • Business Hours : Yes
  • Allow Tags : Yes
  • Allow Coupon Code : Yes
  • Create Event : No

Only $1 for community service providers

Promote your not-for-profit community services provided to women for free on Sisterhood of Roses in our partner directory. You must provide services to women for free to use this subscription package. Community service providers anywhere in Australia are welcome to subscribe. Your one page advertisement and information listing in our directory can include up to 5 images and links to your website and other pages. Let us help to promote the wonderful services you provide to women.
*Conditions apply, subject to preapproval.
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Emerging Subscription

  • Subscription Expiry : 365 Days
  • Regular Listing : 1
  • Listing Expiry : 365 Days
  • Video Listing : Yes
  • Website Link : Yes
  • No of Images : 10
  • Price Range : Yes
  • Business Hours : Yes
  • Allow Tags : Yes
  • Bump Listing : 1
  • Allow Coupon Code : Yes
  • Create Event : Yes

$33.00 per year

Includes event promotion and video link

Promote your emerging business, professional coaching, healing or therapy services and events on Sisterhood of Roses with a full page listing for 12 months. Showcase your specialties. Your partner listing includes event promotion, additional gallery images, video link and a bump up. This is a 12 month subscription paid annually. Includes invitation to our events*
*Conditions apply, subject to preapproval.
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Additional services for your subscription

Promotion at events in your region

We will invite you as a partner to showcase your services at any events we implement in your region.

Whether you just come along to meet our sisters, or you setup a trade area, you are welcome to promote your coaching, healing or therapeutic services at our events.

Invited guest at events

All partners will be informed of our planned events and their topics. You are invited to be a guest speaker at any of our events regardless of their location in Australia. However, preference will be given to regional partners first.

We will coordinate with you how you will participate in the event. You may like to provide some information, share a story or lead an activity. The options are endless!

Social media promotion

Partners will be selected to be promoted using our social media channels to showcase your expertise. We will welcome you on our Facebook page.

Active partners who attend events may be featured in our blogs and asked to share their wisdom or experiences.

Frequently asked questions and answers about subscriptions


How do I keep my membership as a partner after my startup subscription expires?

When the free subscription expires you can subscribe to either the Emerging subscription or the Enterprising subscription to continue your current promotion and to obtain additional services.

You will need to login, go to subscriptions and choose one of the paid subscription packages. Don’t worry about paying for the subscription all at once, you can make monthly payments to lighten the burden on your advertising budget.

Do I have to renew my free subscription after it expires?

No, you can choose to let your subscription expire. We will contact you to check if you want to leave the Sisterhood partner program.

If you have decided that you don’t want to promote your services with us or attend any of our events we are more than happy to remove your listing from our site and partnership program.