City Cave Float & Wellness Centre

Paddington, Brisbane

City Cave Float & Wellness Centre is dedicated to support both internal and external health and embraces preventative medicine, with healthcare solutions customised to suit your individual needs and concerns.

Float therapy

What is float therapy?

Through sensory deprivation and the healing properties of epsom salts, floatation therapy aids in neurological, circulatory,  respiratory, digestive, muscular skeletal, hormonal balance as well as personal growth and healing. The epsom salt is a muscle relaxer as well as an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps your body detoxify. Floatation therapy is a peaceful, eye opening way for your body and mind to recover.

Infrared Sauna

Benefits of infrared saunas

Through heat and light, our infrared saunas relax and detoxify the body. This technology has been used to relieve pain, increase circulation, purify your skin and ultimately relax. Unlike a regular sauna, the infrared sauna heats your body by penetrating deep into your joints and muscles, just as the sun would, without the UV damage.


Types of massages available

  • remedial and sports massage
  • crystal healing massage
  • stress and anxiety relief massage


Our massage therapists will work with you to create an individualised treatment plan that is personalised to your goals and your body, and we have three duration options to suit your schedule. If you have a preference for what form of massage you would like, please just note this when making a booking.


Our friendly yoga classes are hosted by professionally trained and experienced instructors, check out our yoga timetable.

The Cave Club

Become a Cave Club member today and receive exclusive discounts and bonuses on our Cave Club services which include saunas, floats and massage.

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  • Float therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Massage
  • Yoga
Additional details
Service delivery
  • Onsite
Payment facilities
  • Prepaid
  • At time of service delivery
  • Membership
  • Bulk packages
Nature of service
  • Relaxing
  • Nurturing
  • Therapeutic
  • Participative
  • Individual
  • Couples


9 Bayswater Street, Paddington QLD 4064