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Numerology meaning number 1

Numerology meaning number 1

Number 1 in numerology

Numbers have meaning in numerology. A life purpose consultation uses numerology to determine your seven main life numbers and then interprets these numbers in relation to your life purpose and life cycles.

The number 1 is the first of the numerology numbers and it plays an important role.

As an archetype it represents the independent individual. As a stage in life it represents new beginnings and a time to grab opportunities.

In numerology all numbers are equal, not more important based on their numeric value.

Each number represents a theme in life, has a positive and negative aspect, as well as challenges and guidelines for making the most of that number in your life experiences.


Life lessons for a 1 life path
Life lessons for 1 life path. Sourced from ‘The Numerology Guidebook’ by Michelle Buchanan.


When a person is living in the positive, they are making the most of their life, growing and succeeding. While a person who is living the number in the negative, will feel stuck, blocked and still have lessons to learn before they can move forward.

Understanding the meaning of each number in your numerology chart can help you to navigate your life with greater ease and focus.

What does it mean to have a number 1 in your life purpose chart?

Using your birthday and full birth certificate name, a life purpose consultation helps you to unlock your inner and outer self. You could say it helps you to become more self-aware, to find yourself.


LIfe purpose chart - summary
A life purpose chart includes over 20 pages of information about your life purpose and destiny. Includes career, relationship and personality information.


A life purpose chart includes at least seven special numerology numbers which uniquely represent who you are and why you are here. It can also be used to identify your life cycles and peak years in your life.

The numbers used in numerology start at 1 through to 9 and include master numbers, for example, 11 and 22.

Your life purpose chart usually includes the following calculated numbers: life path, destiny, soul urge, personality, maturity, current name (if different from your birth name), and birth number.

If one of your calculated numbers in your chart is a 1, then this article is for you.

If you don’t know your seven numerology numbers, you can order a numerology chart from the Sisterhood of Roses shop. Or get one for FREE with a life purpose consultation.

What is the number 1 archetype?

If you have a 1 for one of your seven special numbers calculated in your numerology chart then your life is leading you to become an independent individual.

As a secure and creative person, full of confidence and motivation, number 1s are self-starters. You use your unique talents and ability to innovate to lead and guide others through your creative pursuits.

Number 1s need to channel their creative energy constructively applying it to innovative pursuits and their career. This will mean you need to take risks and be the maverick of your life.

While you may need others for support throughout your life, you must avoid co-dependency and any form of addictive behaviour.

Life as a number 1 living positively

If you are living the positive version of the number 1, you are enthusiastic, have the willpower, determination and courage to achieve your dreams.

With a certain magnetism, you have the confidence to be yourself. Not worried about other’s opinions or expectations of how you should live your life.

It is a choice to live positively, and when a number 1 does, you experience original creative self-expression in your life. Driven and tenacious, you overcome life’s hurdles.

Motivated, you take the necessary action to be the leader of your life. The positive number 1, you are independent and secure, inspiring others with your leadership qualities and innovative ideas, compassionate nature and dignity.

With perseverance, you have become a master of your trade. This allows you to apply your creative energy to succeed in new ventures and life.

The negative life of a number 1

With a chip on your shoulder, the negative number 1 is co-dependent and lives their life creating unnecessary drama and issues for themselves. This is due to issues with insecurity and blocked creative energy.

If you are living as a negative number 1, practices like numerology can help you become more self-aware. Greater self-awareness will assist you to recognise the negative patterns in your life.

Blocked creative energy, especially in your base chakra can create inner turmoil. This may affect your mental and physical health, feeling lethargic, inferior or ill.

Frustrations may lead to addictive behaviours. Be careful this doesn’t lead to self-medication.

Feeling inferior, you seek approval from others. Too insecure to manifest the life you desire, you are emotionally needy and life is full of uncertainty.

Negative number 1s can be extremely competitive or you may refuse to compete at all.

Wanting to be number 1 in most situations, you may experience stress and issues with self-worth trying to fit in.

This can lead to you hiding behind a self-assured mask. While internally you feel like the odd one out, or the square peg in a round hole.

Health guidelines for number 1s

As a number 1, blocked creative energy can impact your health. It is important you develop self-awareness of your mind, body and soul.

Alternative therapies are good for you. Acupuncture, hypnotherapy or kinesiology may be of benefit and assist you to release blocked energy.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet including some protein is worth considering. If you don’t eat meat you may feel light-headed.

Any form of exercise will help circulate your energy, relieving blocked energy. This helps you to feel well and avoiding the need for addictive behaviours.

Eat foods that make you feel grounded, more earthy, plant-based, organic food.

If you have any weight issues as a number 1, it may be because you are using your body as protection. This means you are trying to insulate yourself from blocked creative energy and feelings of frustration and insecurity in your life.

Now lets talk about sex! The sex life of a number 1 may range from one extreme to the other.

Depending on whether you are feeling inhibited through guilt or heavily committed to your creative endeavours, you may be highly active one day, then abstaining or celibate the next.

Living your best life as a number 1

Life is a journey and as a number 1 your best life will be a mountain climb.

You are meant to journey from co-dependency to independency, from inferiority to security. On the way you will overcome blocked negative energy to become confident and motivated to express yourself creatively.

Get self-aware

Work towards your best life by becoming more self-aware about where the blocks are in your energy.

Tune in to your body, mind and soul. What is your body trying to tell you? Are you emotionally needy? Or are you trying to prove yourself to others?

Find ways to become more self-aware. Whether its numerology, alternative therapies or healing, seek assistance to smooth the journey.

Overcome your insecurities, embracing your individuality and build confidence.

Maybe try reading some self-development and spiritual books. One book that changed my life was Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life”. It’s a great place to start your journey to self-awareness.

You Can Heal Your Life book for self-awareness

Control emotions

Get control of any aggression in your life as it will block your creative energy.

Use breathing exercises to get control and daily affirmations to overcome frustrations and feelings of inadequacy.

Consider trying meditation to help you experience greater acceptance and unconditional love for others and yourself.

Harmonise with others and your energy. Learn to be more diplomatic, patient and tolerant.

How about a float tank experience to neutralise your energy, as well as remove negative energy. I’ve had two float tank experiences now, they really are a wonderful experience.

Creative leadership

Look for win-win situations in your life, instead of the winner takes all. This will help you learn to work more effectively with others, using your creative and innovative skills as a leader.

Give your creativity an outlet. If your job is limited in opportunities, then take up a hobby instead. Unused creative energy will build up if it isn’t given a way to shine on the world.

Meaning of number 1 in the life cycles

Different from the archetype meaning, number 1 represents new beginnings when it is viewed from a life cycle perspective.

Major life cycles

When we look at your life, we see three major life cycles. They are the formative years, the productive years and finally the harvest years.


During your major life cycles, you will also experience four pinnacles or peak years. And each one of them will have a theme and challenges for you to experience on your life path.

Nine year cycles

Your life is also divided into nine year cycles (1 to 9). And the months each represent a nine-month cycle. Even the days in the month rotate through nine-day cycles.

Number 1 focus

So when we say a number 1 period we are referring to a focus for one of the life cycles, pinnacles, personal years or personal month/day.

Whenever the focus is a number 1 it is about new beginnings, taking action to start something new, grabbing new opportunities and getting plans organised.

Use the time of number 1 in your life to embrace your individuality and stand on your own two feet. The degree to which you get to experience this will depend on your age and life circumstances.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to experience frustration during number 1 cycles in your life. Independence is often gained as we mature.

Regardless, it will be an exciting, action packed time in your life. The good news is you will experience number 1 many times to varying degrees.

Don’t be surprised if during a number 1 period you decide to style your hair differently, redecorate your house, or take on a new way of living. It’s all up for the taking when number 1 enters your life.

Working the number 1 with other numbers

Don’t forget that you are not just working one number. You are also working other numbers at the same time.

You are not just a 1. Some people will be working number 1 in more than one area of their life, while others won’t.

For example, it is my destiny and maturity to be a number 1. This means I am destined to be the independent individual and I will mature into the independent individual later in my life. And that is exactly what I am doing.

If you want to know all the numbers you are working, you will need to get a numerology chart or reading. So don’t forget to check out our shop.

Numerology chart featuring the number 1

The beauty of being a number 1

Now that you know you are a number 1 and what it means, you can work with the energy to make your life more beautiful.

We are here to be happy. That’s it. And your path is to be the independent individual. Embrace this energy and move towards embracing its beauty in your life.

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