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More than a numerology calculator

Numerology readings to open the door to your life

More than a numerology calculator, Lynda Galway’s readings are personalised, accurate, and empowering.

Numerology readings

Find your life purpose

Numerology life purpose reading

As an amazingly accurate tool, numerology calculator readings help people understand their life’s purpose. If you have ever asked questions like “Who am I?” “What is my life purpose?” numerology can help. Your birthday opens the door to your life purpose. The life purpose numerology reading explores why you were born, your strengths, how to make the most of your life, karmic lessons, and more.


Life numerology reading

Unlock your destiny

Finding self numerology reading

Your birthday is the key to unlocking your life purpose, while your birth name unlocks your destiny, soul’s urges and personality. The numerology reading for finding self will help you become aware of why you were born, who you are, and what drives you in this life. Find peace with your journey and develop a greater understanding of what makes you tick.


Numerology reading finding self

Get directions for your life

Life map numerology reading

Numerology readings not only uncover your destiny, personality, and soul’s purpose, but also unlocks the cycles of your life, the key challenges, and karmic lessons you are meant to overcome. You might say it’s your blueprint to life, a very personal Akashic record. What’s the essence of your life, when will you mature, what are the major cycles of your life? What’s happening currently and where are you heading?

The life map numerology reading explores your current major cycle and your next cycle.


numerology calculator

The ultimate numerology readings

Full reading

When you are feeling lost and want to know where your life is heading, combine numerology readings to get a comprehensive understanding of your life purpose, destiny, and life’s blueprint. Includes three readings in one. Presented on both colourful and beautiful laminated cards and A4 paper. The full numerology reading is perfect for a photo book.

Includes a FREE 15 minute Skype or telephone call explaining your reading.


Full numerology reading

Includes three readings in one

Life purpose reading

Finding self reading

Life map reading

Get the ultimate in numerology readings

Make it personal – insight to your life explained

Personal numerology reading

If you don’t want the cards, you can instead buy a live reading. You will get a one-hour reading interpreting your life purpose, finding self, and life map. Your birth date and birth name will be used to carry out the reading.

The reading can be provided via Skype or telephone. Includes 15 minutes at the beginning for Lynda to do the calculations and identify your seven major numbers and to review your current cycles in life.

Explanation of cards

For additional clarification about your reading you can book a personal meeting with Lynda either in person or via Skype.

You can buy a 30 minute or one hour meeting with Lynda to unpack your reading with additional insight.

Readings for those special occasions …

Give as a gift

Photo book the reading

For a full life reading or combined life purpose and finding self reading, order a photo book. The numerology readings will be assembled in a soft cover photo book including images of both the person the reading is for and other relevant images that relate to the outcome of the reading.

What’s in a name?

Baby name reading

The spelling of your baby’s name does make a difference to who they will become. A Y instead of an I, a Z instead of an S, a PH instead of F, or an extra A or E, will impact the destiny of the child. Always choose your baby name using your heart and intuition. A baby name numerology reading can help you choose and spell the gift of a name for your new bundle of joy.

Alternatively, give the baby name numerology reading as a gift. With the complete baby’s name and birth day the reading looks at the destiny, soul and personality of the baby and parenting advice for the new parents.

Determine the impact of changing your name

Relationship reading

Traditionally at least one partner in a marriage will change their surname. A change in name will influence the blueprint, life map of the person who changes their name.

A numerology calculator reading can identify how your new name will change your vibration and energy overall. When a woman takes on her partner’s name, it aligns the couple in their life journey. Explore how your new name will influence your new life together.

Do it yourself readings – for the novice numerologist …

Numerology calculations spreadsheet

Explore the blueprint to your life

Get your fully personalised 16-18 page spreadsheet detailing every numerology calculation you could ever need.

The numerology calculations spreadsheet if for the novice numerologist who doesn’t like doing the math.

Play for hours, interpreting your numbers. The spreadsheet includes your seven major life numbers, life cycle, pinnacle and peak years calculations, relationship analysis, current name calculations, personal years and personal months, from birth to 80 years of age.

Like I said, it has everything you could need, presented attractively as a coloured pdf file.

Life purpose chart
Life purpose chart - Life path


“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Lynda for the incredible experience this morning. Numerology is something new to me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The reading was detailed, extremely accurate, and insightful, with plenty of practical tips that I will carry with me for life. Purpose. Talents. Challenges. Weaknesses. It’s all there. Now it’s my turn to use what I’ve learnt to grow.” Mia, Brisbane QLD

Lynda GalwayReadings are by Lynda Galway

As a trained mathematics teacher, Lynda always had a love for numbers. She was introduced to numerology as a teenager by her cousin. Her first book on numerology was “Secrets of the Inner Self”. Lynda was instantly hooked.

After many life experiences, she returned to her love of numerology to support and guide the people she loves. Lynda has provided readings for friends and family as birthday presents.

Exploring her own blueprint for life, Lynda uses numerology regularly to assist her to grow and develop. It is her go to manual for life. She loves the accuracy of numerology, it always amazes her.

Time disappears when Lynda starts exploring the story of a person’s life through their numbers. They really do map out a person’s life. Her readings come from years of experience and are so much more than a numerology calculator.