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Numerology reading: My first experience

Numerology reading: My first experience

New to numerology? Curious, but not sure what to expect? Before I had my first experience with numerology, I was just like you. I knew it had something to do with names, birthdays, and numbers, but that’s about it. So, I took the opportunity to dive a little deeper and get my own numerology reading with Lynda Galway, Founder of Sisterhood of Roses.

If you’re considering investing in a numerology reading for yourself or a loved one, have a read. Below, I’ll detail my numerology experience, answering a few questions you likely have along the way.

Grab a cup of tea, and let’s get into it.

What is a numerology reading?

According to numerologists, numbers have a divine or mystical relationship with everything in the world – our relationships, our career, even our health. The power of numbers comes from their inherent vibrations, with each number having its own frequency.

A numerology reading is an investigation into your life purpose, path, destiny, and more using the numerical value of letters found in your birth date and full name. A numerologist will examine your unique numbers and highlight their key findings, such as stand-out years, strengths and weaknesses, and how to thrive.

Numerology readings can also be used in the baby naming process and can help you or your partner decide whether or not to change last names after marriage.

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The focus of my numerology reading

The power of numerology is far-reaching and can be used for everything from deciding on a business name to designing a beneficial diet. The numerology reading I received from Lynda covered three distinct areas:

1. Numerology for life purpose

Who am I? What is my life purpose? Where am I going? What goals should I set? Am I on the right path?

These are huge questions, but ones that we all grapple with. Part of my first numerology reading was centred around my life purpose. Lynda used my birth date to help me understand how I can make the most of my life, how I can use my talents for good, and avoid falling into a negative headspace.

2. Numerology for finding yourself

What is my destiny? What was I born to do? What is my true essence, my personality, my most genuine inner self? 

Lynda explained that while my birthday is the key to unlocking my life purpose, it’s my birth name that defines who I am – my destiny, soul’s urge, and personality. Lynda’s insights helped me become aware of why I was born and what drives me in my life. The finding self numerology reading looked at the bigger picture, as well as the finer details – key years, practical tips for success, and behaviours to watch out for.

3. Life map according to numerology

Why are some years better than others? When will I achieve my goals? What’s currently happening in my life, and where am I headed to next?

The numerology-based life map outlines the cycles of life, key challenges, and karmic lessons. It’s a bit like a blueprint – and it’s very detailed and very personal. Totally customised by Lynda, my life map was remarkably accurate looking back. Whether it’s accurate going forward, only time will tell.

Expectations vs. reality

I had no experience with numerology before my first reading, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. A generally open person, I am always interested in exploring new perspectives and world views.

Here are some of the questions I had before my reading answered after the experience was over.

Is numerology generic?

There are only so many numerals – how tailored can my numerology be? In reality, extremely. A numerology reading – especially the life map reading – is not like astrology. Lynda doesn’t make sweeping assumptions or put you in a box. Instead, it is deeply personal and one-of-a-kind.

Is numerology accurate?

There are believers and non-believers. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, you can take something away from a numerology reading. In my experience, Lynda’s insight was incredibly accurate. I was able to confirm her findings and inclinations. The personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses she picked up on were me to a tee. My numbers even confirmed that I had picked the right career path!

What is the purpose of a numerology reading?

We all love to learn about ourselves – maybe it’s a bit of vanity. I wasn’t sure going into the experience what I’d come out with, what I’d actually learn. But Lynda’s reading was practical, as well as extremely entertaining. She included tips that I could implement day-to-day. She wrote down notable years to keep in mind. She picked up on real struggles and showed how I could work through them.

The purpose of a numerology reading will differ for everyone. Even if it’s a bit of self-interest, curiosity, or impulse that leads you to a numerology reading, you will take something away from it. I view my reading as a keepsake I will hold onto forever and look back over from time to time.


Interested in your own numerology reading?

Visit the Sisterhood of Roses shop to get your own numerology reading done by Lynda. Detailed, personal, and practical, Lynda’s readings are insightful, fun, and meaningful.