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Information for Sisterhood partners

Coaches, healers, therapists, support services

Who can join as a partner?

Whether you run a business, are a sole consultant or are a not-for-profit you are eligible to apply to be partner with us, as long as you provide services to women. Our directory promotes to women (our sisterhood) coaches, healers, therapists and community support services.

To become a Sisterhood of Roses partner you need to apply and go through a simple interview process. We do this to determine if you are a good match for our sisterhood. All partners are selected based on their expertise and the quality of services provided.

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    Promote your services in our partner directory

    As a Sisterhood partner you can promote your expertise in a full web page promotion showcasing your services. A range of subscriptions are available to enable partners to choose the best option for them, considering their range of services and size of business.

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    Showcase your services

    As a Sisterhood partner you are invited to showcase your services with our sisterhood. We invite you to provide leaflets or other marketing materials to be made accessible during our workshops and consultations.

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    Promote your events

    Our paid subscriptions allow partners to promote their events to our sisterhood in the Events directory. You can upload your own events and include links to booking services.

Inviting professional female coaches, healers and therapists

How to become a sisterhood partner?

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Request to join

Register your expression of interest as a potential partner with Sisterhood of Roses. Complete the request form below. We will contact you to arrange an interview to get to know you and determine if our services are complementary.

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Acceptance as a partner

Congratulations. Successful applicants are accepted as partners. Now you can promote your services in our partner directory, event directory and share your promotional material.

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Upload services

You get a full page promotion including links to your website, social media, video, service description and a lot more. Activate a subscription, setup your dashboard account and upload your business information.

What does it mean to be a partner?

As a partner we value your professionalism and the work you do to assist women in their life journey

Recognised and valued

As an approved Sisterhood of Roses partner you are a valued member of our community. We openly recognise your professionalism and expertise in your field.

Your subscription to Sisterhood of Roses signifies to our sisters that you provide professional services, are expert in your field and that we consider you to be a reputable person.

Grow your business

As a partner you can build your leads and contacts directly from your business services listing/s and from sharing your information at our workshops and consultations.

You are welcome to introduce your services at any of our workshops with an opportunity to connect and build relationships with our sisters. Present and distribute information about your services.

Give and receive

Partners have the wonderful opportunity to build alliances with other coaches, healers and therapists who are promoted in our partner directory.

By sharing and learning from our sisters we all have the opportunity to continue expanding our expertise and connections.

Request to join as a partner

Complete the following request form to partner with us

    Criteria for selection as a partner

    Your application will be processed based on the following criteria:

    1: The business is run by a female or you provide services targeting women.

    2: You provide coaching, healing, therapeutic or community support services to women.

    3: Evidence of expertise and professionalism and ability to provide these services with integrity.

    4: The services provide are complementary and relevant to our sisters.

    We reserve the right to refuse applicants who do not meet the above criteria. Because we assist to promote your services to our sisterhood it is vital that we select coaches, healers, therapists and support services who meet the above criteria. We value the safety and care of all our sisters, including you and therefore we must ensure all partners are suitable.

    For more information see our terms and conditions.

    Frequently asked questions

    All about joining as a Sisterhood partner

    Why do I need to apply to be a partner?

    Our vision is to provide easy access to fantastic coaches, healers and therapists for other women. Therefore if we allow you to promote your services on Sisterhood of Roses, we are actually saying we think you are professional and provide valuable services.

    Every listing is rated by us including a commentary about why we think you are valued and what our sisters can gain from using your services.

    To ensure we get it right, we need to talk to you, get to know you and see what you can do. That way we know you personally and we can invite you with confidence to be a part of the Sisterhood.

    What if I don't get accepted into the Sisterhood?

    If you don’t get accepted the first time you apply, it doesn’t mean we won’t accept you in the future. It just means there are some aspects of your service provision that doesn’t fit our sisters.

    We don’t expect every coach, therapist or healer to be suited to our sisters. And that’s ok. Our services need to be complementary.

    With your permission, we are willing to provide feedback and answer any of your questions. And that also means we invite feedback from you too. Life is a journey, and everyone benefits from openness.

    Can I appeal if I am not accepted?

    We use the selection criteria to determine if your services are appropriate for our sisters. While we are happy to provide feedback, we will not process any appeals.

    However, you are welcome to reapply in 3 months. It will be important to show how any criteria which were not originally met have been achieved.

    What happens after I am accepted?

    After you are accepted you are ready to start creating your business listing to showcase your services.

    Steps you should follow:

    1 – Sign up to an account and login.

    2 – Set up your profile details.

    3 – Add a new listing. You will need to activate the FREE subscription.

    4 – Upload your new listing.

    5 – We will approve your listing after we search engine optimise it for you.

    6 – Open your user dashboard and add your services to the menu.

    We will support you through this process and make sure everything is set up correctly.

    Our support page also provides details about each of these steps.