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Welcome to Sisterhood of Roses!

About us

Sisterhood of Roses support, empower and encourage women to live their best lives.

We help connect and inspire women to grow and blossom.

When women connect, we do it because we want to feel supported, empowered and encouraged. Women understand women best as we journey from the maiden, to the mother, to the crone. We are all on this journey of life together.

Lynda Galway started Sisterhood of Roses in 2020 when the world was an unknown, life was fragile and people fearful and isolated from family and friends. Lets reconnect and grow together.

What we do

Promote professional coaches, healers and therapists

We only recommend professional coaches, healers, therapists and other support services who can be trusted. Our sister partners are interviewed and relationships developed with them to ensure they are valued partners. We select and screen the best sisters to partner with us for the benefit of all. Our partners also promote their events of Sisterhood of Roses.

Facilitate events

Sisterhood of Roses facilitates gatherings, workshops, seminars and retreats for our sisters where they can experience new things and learn with other women. Everything we do is about connection. Together we can share our stories, find our life purpose, self-care, expand our understanding of ourselves and life.

Sell beautiful things for you to enjoy

Our Sisterhood of Roses shop provides inspirational and beautiful things to buy yourself or to give as gifts. All products are sourced from talented women artists and entrepreneurs. We aim to provide a diverse range of unique items that will bring joy and add beauty to your life.


Why we do it


Sometimes we forget we need support. Self-sacrifice, selfless acts and taking on the burdens of others can leave us drained and exhausted. Asking for help is sometimes difficult. We all need support to climb those mountains of life.


Sisters, we can do anything. We just need to feel empowered to take the first step, live our dreams, and take control. Self-awareness, self-care and self-management can help us review our beliefs, nurture ourselves through change and take control of our lives again.


With encouragement your life can change for the better. Step by step, with guidance and self-evaluation we can find the courage to do the work to get the results we desire. Coaching, attending women's workshops all help to educate and encourage you to make the changes you need to make to live a better life.

Lynda's story

The journey to Sisterhood of Roses

Looking for fulfillment

After a period of life where everything was about work, I realised I wanted more. I wanted real fulfilment. So in 2017 I left my career and started a new journey. Little did I know that that decision would allow me to reconnect with who I really was.

Listening to myself

At first everyone told me what I should or should not do. People judged me for leaving my career. But I decided this was my life and I needed to live it from my heart, not my fears. Of course, that was a difficult road to travel, but now it was worth every dead end and mountain, because now I am learning to be my true self.


Finally, I saw a new path forward. My life was unrecognisable! I am now volunteering, coaching with women, studying psychology and living a life which makes me smile. I have time for my family, friends and me. My own journey included developing my self-awareness, self-care and self-management. Now I am jumping through the meadow of sunflowers. It doesn't mean life is perfect, but it means I know who I am and I can deal with life's challenges in a more balanced way. I found a third way!