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Life purpose consultations
& self-development workshops for women


 Personal development and growth for women

Sisterhood of Roses provides a range professional services just for women:

Life purpose consultation

Who are you? Why are you here?
Where are you living negatively?
How can you gain more fulfillment?

A Life Purpose consultation will unravel the mysteries in your life, the big questions including “why are you here”.

Spend time delving into your heart’s desires, personality, destiny and life path.

What will really make you happy and fulfilled in life?

Uncover the blueprint of your life

A consultation sheds light on the past, guides you in the present, and becomes a blueprint for your future.

Whether its one session or a series of sessions, Lynda will assist you to gain greater self-awareness of your life’s purpose and journey.

Tree of purpose

Life purpose tree

Life purpose chart

Life purpose chart - Life path

Soul map


“I wasn’t sure what to expect. The reading was detailed, extremely accurate, and insightful, with plenty of practical tips that I will carry with me for life. Purpose. Talents. Challenges. Weaknesses. It’s all there.”

 Mia, Brisbane QLD

I had mine done with Lynda just recently I was surprised how accurate it was. Also helped point me in the right direction.”

– Kerry, Gold Coast QLD

Workshops for women

Finding, transforming and being your true self

Our workshops for women take you on a journey of self-awareness, self-management and self-care.
Are you ready to grow and expand your emotional intelligence and soft skills?
Workshop brisbane

Proudly presented by Sisterhood of Roses, are our three consecutive small group workshops just for women. Attend weeknight sessions, once per week for 6 weeks. Or join a weekday or weekend workshop.

Finding Self

In the Finding Self Workshop you will gain greater self-awareness uncovering insights into what really makes you do the things you do, unlocking the secrets to who you really are.

Transforming Self

While in the Transforming Self workshop you will explore breaking habits of the past and creating new ways to be and live your life for the better. Are you ready to change for a happier life?

Being Self

What will it take for you to manifest your dream life? In the Being Self Workshop you will discover the art of self-care and reclaiming your true power. Open up to real fulfilment.

Our personal development workshops for women are confidential, relaxing, and celebrate the stories of women. We inspire and uplift through building connection in a trusting and supportive environment.

Empowering women


“Just want to say thank you for the amazing workshop on Saturday. It was great to finally meet someone that has gone through a similar life coming out empowered and strong. Truly inspirational. Thank you Lynda.”

– Laura, Brisbane QLD

Women’s workshops

Brisbane, Caboolture, SE Queensland

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Coaches, therapists, healers and support services

Looking for a life coach for women? Interested in alternative healing? Seeking support from a therapist? Need help to get through a rough time?

We do the homework for you. Finding the best female coaches, healers, and therapists who can support, empower, and encourage you to live your best life.

All partners are interviewed, and their services reviewed to ensure they have the expertise to provide valuable services to our sisterhood.

In addition, we allow our partners to promote their events, and we also promote community services who support women.

In tough times, reach out for assistance.

About Sisterhood of Roses

Lynda Galway is a Life Purpose Consultant experienced in supporting, encouraging and empowering women to live their best lives.

“Seeking support, learning new perspectives, being empowered, talking to other women, having fun, and sharing stories all help us to grow, achieve our goals, and live our best life.’

Her passions for spiritual psychology, numerology, archetypes and positive psychology have resulted in a personal journey of self-awareness and creating the life she always wanted.

Lynda loves to share her insights to inspire women to gain greater self-awareness enabling them to transform their own lives for the better.

Lynda Galway, Life purpose consultant

Lynda Galway, Founder of Sisterhood of Roses

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